Theragun Australia

Most of the time, we may suffer from muscle soreness due to strenuous physical activity or by performing heavy works. Since going through this undesirable feeling can affect our mood and movement, looking for ways to treat or ease the pain is necessary. Although the common treatment that we opt for is to visit a massage therapist, the creation of the Theragun is another way to help ease muscle pain.

Furthermore, having a Theragun is more convenient as it can be used anytime or anywhere. Whether you are an athlete or just feeling sore due to heavy loads of work, Theragun is a great device to have at hand to aid with muscle soreness. If you are a citizen and resident of Australia, and wondering about all the fuss on Theragun, you are in the right place. In this article, you will know how Theragun works and why you should use it.

What is a Theragun?

Theragun is a handheld percussive therapy massage gun that helps ease muscle soreness while improving the muscles’ condition and movement. The device uses the percussive therapy technique to help ease muscle soreness that is effective in reducing pain and speeds up the time for muscle recovery. Although Theragun is a powerful massage gun that is designed for athletes, it can also be used by anyone who suffers from muscle soreness. Also, the device helps break up the scar tissue to help stimulate blood flow through vibration or percussive therapy.

History of Theragun

The device was created by chiropractor Dr. Jason Wesland in 2007. He was inspired to create Theragun after he got into a motorcycle accident, causing him to suffer from disc herniation and back pain. To help ease the intense pain and atrophy he was going through, he tried percussive massage therapy that leads to the creation of Theragun. Since he was suffering from intense pain, he realised that there should be a device that is effective and can be conveniently used by patients anytime they need so. Also, he catered his invention to athletes to help them improve muscle recovery.

How does Theragun work?

To further understand how Theragun can help with muscle soreness, it is important to know how percussive therapy works. Although as of now, no type of therapy can get rid of muscle soreness. Percussive therapy is like massage that helps reduce the amount of suffering from soreness. This type of therapy helps increase blood flow in areas where it is applied and elevates the temperature of the skin. It also helps reduce muscle soreness, muscle tension, and knots.

As Dr. Wesland has tried the effectiveness of percussive therapy, the Theragun also works like it. The device works by targeting deep tissues via a high-frequency massage, and by also applying enough force on areas that need to be treated. Furthermore, Theragun claims that their device reaches 16 mm of the muscle to help increase circulation. Apart from easing muscle soreness, the device can also help improve mobility, hydrate muscle tissues, and promotes blood flow.

Why should you use Theragun?

If you usually visit a massage therapist to help ease muscle soreness or back pains, you can opt to use Theragun. Investing in an effective massage gun will not only provide you with the convenience of using it anytime, but it can also help you save a lot of money rather than going to a massage centre. Using a Theragun comes with lots of great health benefits making it worth an investment.